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  • Up on Hardware Records

    REPTILOIDS -Чернозем 7" out now
    Moscow's bluntly vile number one Hardcore unit first vinyl appearance finally comes to light. This will make you feel like repeatedly get your face hit by a working boot. 100 copies on green vinyl. 100 on black. "Reptiloids kommen aus Moskau und spielen astreinen D-beat, allerdings mit leichtem Hardcore-Einschlag! Sehr geil!!! via KinkRecords"

    BRICKLAYER - The Wall LP out August 15th
    After a year in the making the coarse, uncivilized debut LP from Olympia, Washington's BRICKLAYER dropped at last. Two different cover designs and vinyl colors are currently available: 350 on black vinyl w/ regular cover, 50 on red vinyl w/ regular cover, 50 on red w/ limited cover and 50 on black w/ limited cover. "Bricklayer is an ugly, meaty and straight to the point hardcore band from the Olympia/Seattle area. With dirty guitars, muddy bass, frantic drums and throaty vocal grunts, these guys spit out a total ripper of a full length that followed their 7'' single and demo tape. These thumping tracks of barbaric American hardcore stay in your head and never leave. Snag and Dig. via cut&paste"

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